Frequently Asked Questions


We have created these frequently asked questions that are asked during our sales process from our previous customers, we are here to help and guide you throughout your metal building shopping experience! Feel free to reach out if any questions or concerns! 


  • What is the difference between Vertical & Horizontal Side Paneling?


Great Question! There are pro's and con's for both options, read this information on which works best for your needs!

Vertical Wall Sheet Paneling offers: 

Reinforced Structural Integrity

    Exterior Shop Aesthetic Look

    Various Contact Points – For Future Framing/Shelves


      Horizontal Wall Sheet Paneling offers: 

      Free Wainscot Color Package Offered with Qualifying Purchases

      Home Lap Siding Exterior Look Home Lap Siding Exterior Look

      Economy Pricing


      • What are my color options?

      Here at Andy's Buildings we offer 14 color options, including Galvalume:

      Barn Red, Quaker Gray, Evergreen, Earth Brown, Clay, Pewter Gray, Rawhide, Slate Blue, Vintage Burgandy, Sandstone, Black, Pebble Beige and White Panels!

      EB Carports & Metal Structures Inc. | Authorized EB Carports Dealer


      • What is Wainscot Color Package? Wainscot Color Package is a strip of steel that is typically 3 feet tall and installed on the lower section of a metal building.

        • What area(s) do you Service?
        We are located in Arkansas, and we service our surrounding states! AR, TN, LA, TX, OK, MO, MS & KS



        • Do you offer Concrete Work?

        We do not offer concrete services at the moment. We can get in contract with your provided concrete contractor to make things easier for you! We'll be able to provide them the concrete specifications for your building project. 


        • What type of Insulation do you offer? 

        We offer 3 Types of Insulation: Fiberglass / Double Bubble (Moisture Barrier)

        Open & Close Cell Spray Foam Insulation (Arkansas State Only)


        •   Can you live in this type of building? Yes you can! We have had customers turn our buildings from Homes to Laundromats! 

        • Do you offer Financing? We do not offer financing at the moment, we would advise choosing with your local bank.

        • What type of Barndominiums do you guys offer? We offer "Monitor" & "Contiguous" Roof Style Barndominiums





          • Do you guys offer Red Iron Buildings? We do not off "Red Iron" Buildings at the moment

          • What is a Red Iron? 

            Red Iron, commonly referred to as steel I beam, is a type of structural steel that is coated with "red" iron oxide which creates a barrier that prevents water from having contact with the steel.

          • Do you guys offer Pole Barns? We do not offer Pole Barns at the moment

          • What is a Pole Barn? A pole barn, or pole building, is the traditional name for a large agricultural structure with no basement, a high ceiling, and wide-open spaces. Laminated wooden posts are used in the frame, and today builders prefer the term post-frame building.

            • What is type of structure are your buildings built from? All of our Buildings are built from 2.5'' x 2.5'' 14GA Galvanized Coated A500 Steel Square Tube, This coat protection ensures your building's frame to remain structurally sound & rust free for decades to come.

            • Do you offer 26GA Sheet Paneling? We do not offer 26GA Paneling at the moment. AG 29GA  Sheet Paneling is our standard for our buildings. 

            • Do you offer 12GA Framing? No we do not 12GA, we offer other options to exceed your building framing expectations. (Not required)

            • What is the biggest size clear span truss you can fabricate? 60ft is the widest clear span truss we can fabricate. 

            • Type of Truss Designs? We offer a variety of truss designs and we can also fabricate to your specification. 

            • What are your Buildings Rated at?  All of our buildings have different ratings, please consult this with your sales consultant. 

            • Does your buildings have a soffit/overhang? Yes, we fabricate them standard to 6 inches of overhang off of the eave and gable end eave! 

            • What is a Eave? An Eave is defined as the edge of the roof that overhangs the face of a wall.

            • What type of surface can you build on? Ground/Gravel/Concrete or Asphalt 

            • How do you anchor down your buildings? We take of Concrete Anchoring with concrete wedge anchors.
            Handle-It Incorporated Concrete Wedge Anchors - 1/2" x 3-3/4"
             For Ground/Gravel & Asphalt we anchor down the structure with Auger style Anchors as shown below:
            Class 2 Iron Root Double Head Helix Home Anchors, Model Mi223/4, Homeowner Supplies, Mobile Home Anchors & Straps

            • Do you offer "Rat Guard" trim on your Buildings? Yes we do upon request! (Not Required)

            • What is a "Rat Guard" Trim? "Rat Guard"- Base drip seals off the bottoms of panels at the floor level, where it helps to prevent the entrance of rodents and insects, as well providing a base for the setting of panels. Rat Guard - Allsteel Inc. - Gepp & Harrison, Arkansas

            What size roll up doors do you offer?

            (Wide x Height)
            6'x6' Garage Door
            6'x7' Garage Door
            8'x7' Garage Door
            8'x8' Garage Door
            9'x8' Garage Door
            10'x8' Garage Door
            10x10' Garage Door
            10x12' Garage Door
            12'x12' Garage Door
            12'x14'  Garage Door
            14'x14'  Garage Door

              • What is the difference between "Overhead" Garage Doors & "Roll Up" Garage Doors?

              An Overhead door is a residential panel door that moves overhead your opening on a track when you raise it.

               Automatic Normstahl garage doors for you and your business

              • Do you offer electric Roll up Doors? We do not offer electric Roll up Doors.

              • What Roof Pitch are your Buildings? Our Standard Roof Pitch is 3/12!HVAC Roof Pitch Angles Guide & Resource Table | FAMCO

              • Why are you buildings better from your competitor? We offer: Color Matching Screws, this really sets off of your building in person! We also offer 2 feet / 4 feet Center Trusses this will help if you decide to frame the inside in the future. Best of all, we take pride in our work and we are a  A+ Rated Company from different platforms such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) & Google!
              • What is my warranty for my building? 90 Workmanship Warranty from Andys Buildings / Metal Framing & sheet panels are rated for 25+ Years!
              • How long until I get my building delivered/built? 10 Business after your Ground Surface is completed!
              • What type of walk in doors do you use? Every Project is different; please consult this with your sales consultant. 
              • Can I use my windows & doors? Definitely! You can provide your style of doors/windows and we can leave a frame out (possibly install them).
              • Do you guys fabricate on site? We do not fabricate on site, we pre-fabricate everything at our shop location. 
              • Do you guys require a lift? On certain building size projects we do require a lift, please consult with your sales consultant. 
              • Do you guys need electricity or running water? We do to power our tools!
              • Do you guys leave during the project? No, our building contractors will stay at a nearby motel until building project is complete.
              • Do you take care of Permits? No we do not take care of Permits.
              • Do you offer Engineer Plans? We offer Engineer Plans on standard buildings sizes & styles. Please consult this with your sales consultant.
              • Can you add to existing buildings? Unfortunately, we do not.
              • Is there a building nearby that I could take a look at? Please call our office to set up a appointment. (Create Live Map)
              • Can I schedule a phone call for someone to reach out to me at my time? Of course you can submit a inquiry and select the time you would like for us to reach out to you. (link to Andys Calendar)
              • Can someone come and look at my project site? Yes, upon request.
              • How much is my down payment to place my order? Every project is different, please consult this with your sales consultant. 

              • How do you take payment? We like to meet in Person (at project site or Andys Buildings Office), but we also take payment through Wire Transfer or Payment through our website.

              • How protected am I during this sales process / transaction? We take Cyber Security very seriously, we do not take in Personal Information/ S.S./ I.D #, nor take payment over the phone and do not require checks to be mailed in.

              • Will my building be featured on YouTube? It sure can upon request!